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Meiko Satomura, Tajiri, Matt Cross, Ivelisse to invade the Nordics – Wrestle Aid is Finland’s supercard, and here’s how you can watch it live

Professional wrestling fans here in Finland are treated with quite a show this Saturday as SLAM! Wrestling Finland presents a charity event named Wrestle Aid in the city of Rauma.

The card—which most likely is the most stacked one in the Nordics this year—includes these seven matches:

  • Meiko Satomura vs. Ivelisse vs. Sadie Gibbs
  • Yoshihiro Tajiri vs. ”The Rebel” StarBuck (FIN)
  • Matt Cross vs. Jami Aalto (FIN)
  • Jurn Simmons vs. ”Häijy” Heimo Ukonselkä (FIN)
  • Scotty Davis vs. Viktor Tykki (FIN)
  • Stark Adder (FIN) vs. Toni Tamminen (FIN)
  • Carlos Zamora & Mikk Vainula (EST) vs. Patrik Mieto (FIN) & Polar Pekko (FIN)

Not only is the card stacked, Wrestle Aid will be streamed live for free by one of Finland’s biggest newspapers Ilta-Sanomat with high production values.

Wrestle Aid is SLAM! Wrestling Finland’s second public event since its launch last year. The first one—Mega Launch—was streamed live for free by Ilta-Sanomat, too.

WATCH: Shanna battles Betty Rose and Natalia Markova at SLAM! Wrestling Finland Mega Launch

Wrestle Aid will be broadcast live for free this Saturday 6PM (EET) right here. (If you live in the Eastern Standard Time zone, the broadcast starts at 11AM.)

If you want more information about SLAM! Wrestling Finland, click here. The concept is actually quite interesting, as SLAM! Wrestling Finland doesn’t book but sells professional wrestling events so that the customers can choose what kind of matches they want to see.

If you want more information about SLAM! Wrestling Finland’s concept, click here.

Canadian-born ”The Rebel” StarBuck is the pioneer of Finnish professional wrestling and the founder of SLAM! Wrestling Finland. Jami Aalto is called ”the luchador of Lapland” and is a high flyer. ”Häijy” Heimo Ukonselkä is an entertaining and experienced brawler. Viktor Tykki is a rising star and has been called the Kevin Owens of Finland. Stark Adder is one of Finland’s first wrestlers and an interesting technical wrestler. Toni Tamminen might remind you of a young Chris Jericho. Mikk Vainula is a powerhouse from Estonia. Patrik Mieto has trained with Katsuyori Shibata in New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s training camps. Polar Pekko is the next big thing.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We at Smarkside will be doing commentary for the broadcast and are happy to help you enjoy and understand Finnish wrestling.

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In the gigantic, intercontinental co-main event of Wrestle Aid 2019 on June 29 in Rauma, Finland, it's going to be Asia vs. Europe vs. Central America! Japanese women's wrestling legend Meiko Satomura squares off against the ultra-athletic former gymnast, Sadie Gibbs, and the remorseless "La Sicaria" of Puerto Rico, Ivelisse! This women's Triple Threat match is worth the price of admission alone, and SLAM! Wrestling Finland is proud to host this incredible, international encounter on June 29! Get your tickets now for Wrestle Aid 2019 through Ticketmaster Finland! #wrestleaid #slamsports #slamwrestlingfinland #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #womenswrestling #meikosatomura #ivelisse #ivelissevelez #sadiegibbs

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In an internationally flavored tag team encounter at Wrestle Aid 2019, Estonia's Big Mikk Vainula teams up with Carlos Zamora of Spain to take on the Finnish duo of Patrik Mieto and Polar Pekko on June 29 in Rauma, Finland! Mikk Vainula is a member of the special forces unit for the Estonia army, serving in crisis areas around the world, while Carlos Zamora is both a pro wrestler, a kickboxer and an MMA fighter at the same time! Patrik Mieto has been wrestling for seven years already, taking part in New Japan Pro Wrestling training camps in Los Angeles, and his partner Polar Pekko is one of the fastest rising, acrobatic young stars in Finnish pro wrestling today. Get your tickets for Wrestle Aid 2019 on June 29 NOW through Ticketmaster Finland! #wrestleaid #slamwrestlingfinland #slamsports #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #polarpekko #patrikmieto #carloszamora #mikkvainula #tagteam

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At Wrestle Aid 2019, Dutch big man Jurn Simmons squares off against Finland's "Wildman" Heimo Ukonselkä in a battle of brawling brutes! Jurn Simmons is an enforcer type of wrestler, grappling in countries such as his homeland of Holland, Germany, Israel and the UK.  With six years of in-ring experience, this 1.88m/115kg former two-time wXw unified world champion is a force to be reckoned with in the rings of European pro wrestling. Heimo Ukonselkä is a four-time German heavyweight champion, a former two-time Finnish wrestling champion and one of the most successful pro's ever out of Finland.  Heimo has wrestled as far away as in Japan, Italy, Norway, Sweden and England.  Heimo even made a cameo appearance on an episode of WWE Smackdown in 2013. Get ready for the ring to shake as these two big men do battle on June 29 in Rauma, Finland at Wrestle Aid 2019!  Tickets available now through Ticketmaster Finland. #heimoukonselkä #heimothewildman #jurnsimmons #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #slamwrestlingfinland #wwe #wrestleaid #sportsentertainment #wxw

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It's an intercontinental battle between two of the bright and promising young lions of the grappling game on June 29 in Rauma, Finland at Wrestle Aid 2019! Scotty Davis of Ireland has been wrestling since the age of six, winning many freestyle titles in Ireland and England, turning pro at the surprising age of 13. Scotty may very well be the only full-time 18 year old on the European wrestling circuit today! Viktor Tykki is one of the most promising big man types of wrestlers to come out of Europe in the past few years. He's deceptively quick for his size with ruthless aggression, making him a hungry and dangerous opponent. Get your tickets now via Ticketmaster Finland for the biggest international pro wrestling supershow of the summer in Northern Europe! #wrestleaid #slamwres #slamsports #slamwrestlingfinland #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #scottydavis #viktoryykki #sportsentertainment #ammattipaini

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It's a huge, marquee match-up at Wrestle Aid 2019 on June 29 in Rauma, Finland as the Luchadore of Lapland, Jami Aalto, takes on world-travelled Matt Cross of the USA. Matt Cross is a standout star on Netflix series, Lucha Underground, as Son of Havoc. He was also prominently featured on WWE's Tough Enough 2011 season. Jami Aalto debuted as a pro in early 2015, wrestling mainly in tags as of late but owning an amateur wrestling background. This should be a stellar, acrobatic, high-flying match on June 29 in Rauma! Get your tickets now via Ticketmaster Finland! #mattcross #sonofhavoc #luchaunderground #jamiaalto #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #slamwrestlingfinland #wrestleaid #slamsports #ammattipaini

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In the huge main event of Wrestle Aid 2019, Finland's pro wrestling pioneer "The Rebel" StarBuck takes on his most famous international nemesis, "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Yoshihiro Tajiri, in a true headline match that has a rich history behind it. It was StarBuck's first outing against Tajiri on February 10, 2010 in Helsinki that sparked this cross-cultural rivalry that put Finland on the pro wrestling map worldwide.  Over the years, these two have battled over numerous championship titles, main eventing arenas far and wide.  In 2011, StarBuck vs. Tajiri from SMASH.10 at JCB Hall in Tokyo was voted Match of the Year by the readers of Weekly Pro Wrestling Magazine, even. StarBuck vs. Tajiri is a staple and institution in itself as an established marquee match-up in the annals of professional wrestling.  Get your tickets now for June 29 in Rauma, Finland when the biggest, international professional wresting event of the summer in Northern Europe takes place on the West Coast of Finland! @tajiri.buzzsaw.yoshihiro @rebelstarbuck #yoshihirotajiri #tajiri #rebelstarbuck #starbuck #michaelmajalahti #wrestleaid #slamwrestlingfinland #slamsports #prowrestling #professionalwrestling

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Eetu "Enska" Lehtinen


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